The SPA-LEED control software


Last update: March 4th 2012

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The software package WinSPA is a completely new developed data acquisition software package for users of the SPA-LEED instrument, which is available at Omicron NanoTechnology, see here.

Some of the most interesting features of WinSPA are:

The scan modes of WinSPA

WinSPA offers four basic scan modes which are schematically depicted in the program's logo.

Moreover, there are two additional types of scans, which are particularly helpful for maintenance and adjustment purposes.

The current project status

The source code of WinSPA has grown to almost 40.000 lines of code.
Each new Omicron SPA-LEED is delivered with WinSPA as data acquisition software.

The following screenshot may serve as an overview over the graphical user interface and the amount of features of WinSPA:

Further more detailed information on WinSPA is available:


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